Client Reviews

Signature Houston Real Estate Client ReviewsEarly in 2007, we had an idea. Not an original one by any means, but certainly something that wasn’t common practice in real estate at that time. We wanted to show people what it is like to work with us before they took the leap. But instead of mouthing off about our sales volumes, awards and designations, we thought we’d let our previous clients do the talking for us. Publicly. In a venue where we couldn’t control or filter out bad reviews.

So, after every closing we sent our clients links to our Yahoo Local and Google Local (opens in new window) profiles with an invitation to submit a review of the service they received from us. This process is transparent and we have continued it diligently since then.

The reviews below are our previous clients in their own words, unfiltered:

We decided to go after a foreclosure for our first home. Although we choose a challenge property, Erion stuck with us through the months of red tape, always available when we needed him, short notice on many occasions! We’re so happy we listened to him – I can’t imagine a more perfect home for us

Beth and Russ (July 2008)

I found Erion via the internet after I was searching for a Realtor to sell my house in Houston. He was one of about 7 Realtors that I was interviewing. Out of all of them, Erion was the only one to provide me with a detailed analysis of the area in which my home was located. He also seemed more knowledgeable on the telephone than the other 6 Realtors that I had spoken to. Therefore, I hired him to sell my home.
Erion is professional, direct and honest. He answered all of my questions and made me feel comfortable with all of the marketing efforts he planned to use to sell my home. He knows what he’s doing.
The typical time period to sell a residential home is around 90 days and Erion came in under that number. He kept me informed through the entire process and got the job done. I am very happy with his that I chose his company Signature Real Estate and I would recommend Erion to any homeowner in Houston.

Ronny Richker (January 2009)

Erion and Frank are two very professional guys. They both made time to show properties according to my schedule. It took me a while to find the right house, but in the Houston market at this time that is to be expected.
I have recommended Erion s service to my friends and will continue to do so.

Jim Taylor (September 2013)

Made My Dreams Come True: Signature Real Estate not only made my dreams of becoming a home owner a reality, but they also took a lot of the fear and anxiety of becoming a first time homeowner away by being very personable and knowledgeable.

Alvin Johnson (March 2007)

When my wife and I decided to start the process to buy a house; we looked around and visited many sites that had information about different houses at different prices, we found Signature Real Estate’s website and that is how this magnificent experience started, the way the website is designed to search, it is very easy to get exactly what you are looking for. We scheduled a meeting with Erion Shehaj to find the right house, as it is normal for first time buyers the level of knowledge we had was very little, Erion helped us along the way to get the best deal possible, and taught us a lot about the different process of buying and selling the properties, I can’t be happier with the service that Signature Real Estate  has provided for us, I am even planning the buying on the next property and definitely Signature Real Estate will be there for me as my agent.

Carlos and Israiza Linares (March 2012)

Signature Real Estate is GREAT! I just closed on my first house and Erion could not have been more helpful. After my first mortgage company bailed on me 3 days before closing, Erion worked SO hard to coordinate with all of the new contacts and get the paperwork transferred. Together with Cornerstone Mortgage (also great!), they got it done in only 10 days after the original closing date. It is hard enough to close a loan when things go right, but the true test is when they go wrong. Erion was right there at crunch time, making sure we stayed on track. Thank you!

Debra Johnson (November 2009)

Erion Shehaj helped us buy our first home this summer. During the entire home buying process, we found Erion to be very knowledgeable, efficient, and client oriented. He spent considerable time working with us to find the right house. Erion (and his wife) were upfront about the homes we viewed and gave us an unbiased picture of all the properties. After each house hunting trip, he would quickly complete additional research (recent sales/listings) for us to review.

I am an engineer and am driven by data supported decisions. Prior to picking Erion, I interviewed and compared several agents to help us buy our first home. I compared the location of Property Addresses, Property Type (house, condo, etc.), Sale Price of property, Initial Listing Price property, Date of Sale, Representation? (Buyer, Seller), Total dollar value of property sold during the preceding 12 months, and spoke with clients in the preceding 12 months. Out of all the agents I interviewed (pretty extensive list), Erion’s record and attitude was the best.

From our experience, we can definitely say that Erion is extremely €œdeal-oriented€ and will work rigorously to provide you the best deal no matter what side of the transaction you are on. His knowledge of the business, both from a marketing standpoint and all of the details associated with contracts and the closing of a sale, is outstanding.

We would not hesitate to utilize Erion repeatedly for our real estate needs should they arise again.

Jas and Sarah Gill (June 2008)

Erion was a dream to work with…smart, knowledgeable and efficient. I decided to give him a call after reading rave reviews. Seriously I wasn’t expecting much, so I was pleasantly surprised. He’s not your average agent just trying to sell you any house. I found Erion to be attentive and responsive to my needs, honest, and going beyond the call of duty to help me along every step of the way. I felt comfortable to ask him any question, regardless of it’s stupidity. My very first house buying experience was almost made painless because of Signature. Did I mention we landed the home of my dreams!!!

Yingxun Xu (July 2009)

Erion transformed our home buying experience into what it should be: a celebration of our next step in life. Buying a home, for most people, is very stressful and can create bad feelings all around. This is particulary true if you're looking for a home in Sugar Land where the competition for the right house is intense. Erion gladly handled all the details which can create anxiety. He really understood what we were looking for in a home and was quick to steer us away from houses that were either overpriced or just not the right fit for us. More than once, he reminded us that he was not going to let us pay too much for a home. Great homes in Sugar Land might be on the market for 2 days, and Erion was always able to get us in on that day or the next morning. His Signature Houston website is always up to date and easy to navigate and customize. My wife and I walked away from the experience, and into our dream home, truly enjoying the whole process. Buying a home is one of the biggest decisions you'll ever make. You have the choice on whether that experience will be fun and exciting or a stressful disappointment.

Matthew Blair (October 2013)

The closing on our house went very smoothly and Erion and his associates did everything possible to accommodate us. His calm demeanor is a great asset when dealing with the stress of selling a house.

Donna Kittelberger (December 2009)

Erion and Frank did an outstanding performance by aiding and guiding me in the direction of purchasing the home that best matched my family s needs.
I was truly blessed by having an awesome team helping me in all steps of the way. I would definitely recommend Erion and Frank to family or friends.

Angel Gomez (September 2013)

It was a pleasant experience working with Erion in search for our new home. He made the whole process less stressful because he was there to answer any questions. Erion treated us as if we were part of his family. He is an honest, responsible, respectful, and a person full of patience. I would recommend Erion to my family and friends because I know they will receive the same type of service that I received. Thank You Erion.

Juan and Lorena Carrillo (December 2012

Erion helped us sell our home in record time! We had a short time window to sell the property before we moved abroad. We we very happy with the honest advice given to us by Erion during the process and were more than glad when a serious buyer willing to pay in the region of our asking price was found within a week of listing the property. Great job Erion!

Simon and Manjula Shaw (January 2011)

I was referred to Signature Real Estate and Erion by a friend at work. This was my 2nd home purchase and it went very well. I really felt like Erion was working to get me the best deal possible. I would highly recommend Erion to friends and family.

Eric Larsen (May 2011)

Was recommended to Signature Real Estate back in 2009 by a family member, and glad I was! I just closed on my 4th home, all with Signature, and cannot be happier. I started investing in real estate without much knowledge of the area and without any knowledge in the city of Houston (originally from the Northeast). Erion, the owner, walked me through every step of the process and took time to explain every detail of investing in Houston. He also helped me find contractors so that I could fix the properties at below retail costs. In addition to this, Signature has also found 3 tenants (currently looking for 4th) for my rental properties at the price originally estimated before even purchasing the property! All tenants have been grade A+ and have had no issues. The tenants were also found within the first couple of months due to Signature’€™s marketing efforts, which reduced my costs to the property. Erion and Signature Real Estate have delivered to perfection, every time. From the house searching efforts, to the purchase of the property, to repairing post purchase all the way to finding a tenant, Erion has gone above and beyond to ensure that I am satisfied. Even if you’€™re not an investor, I highly suggest giving them a shot; you will not be happier with the decision. Most real estate professions look after their own interest, but Erion understands that the buyer’s interest IS their interest. He will be on your side and will fight for you to get the best possible deal on exactly what you are looking for.

Marin Gjojdeshi (April 2011)

This was my first home, and Signature Real Estate made this process a great one. Erion worked with me to figure out exactly what was right for me and where. He is very knowledgable in many aspects, and just a wonderful resource. I would recommend their services to anyone and everyone. I have a background in architecture, i knew and had in mind what i wanted, they helped me find it and make it a reality. Thank You!

Ledia Osmani (November 2009)

When we decided to look for homes in the Sugar Land area my first choice of realtors was not the best. I then did a search for realtors in this area and stumbled upon Erion. He was very professional, knowledgeable and friendly. Due to my husbands health we had to be very careful about the home that we decided to purchase and Erion handled this exceptionally well. It was great blessing finding himand I will definitely use him again to sell and buy a new home should we decide to move again somewhere in the far future. Thanks Erion!

Jennifer Eastwood (July 2008)

When my wife and I decided t start looking for our first home to buy, a friend recommended us to Signature Real Estate and it was a great recommendation! Erion was very helpful. He answered all questions that we had about being first time home buyers and was there for us on short notices. If I had to buy another home I would not hesitate to go back with Signature Real Estate.

Jose and Erica Escalante (November 2012)

I have worked with Erion on two properties (buying and selling each) and have found him to be very knowledgeable and easy to work with. The second property closed last week and we had a contract six days after the property was listed. I recommend Erion and Signature Real Estate for all your real estate needs.

John Gentempo (July 2009)

After long time hesitating about investing in Real Estate, I contacted Erion Shehaj from Houston Signature who very thoroughly explained the scope of his service and investment strategy (blueprint). It looked really appealing to me, so I decided to take the chance and buy my first investment property, which I closed early this month. Erion is an enthusiastic, very knowledgeable and diligent real estate professional. He handles investment concepts really well and understands all other aspects of real estate business. After identifying several potential properties, Erion provided me with Purchase/Rent market analyses, as well as, income statement/cash flow projections that described the investment profiles for each option we were looking at. I just signed a lease agreement today (just two weeks after the closing) and everything is working as expected. My plan is to invest in other properties and continue working with Erion as my Real Estate advisor. Erion, thanks for all your patience and support.

Gustavo Fernandez (January 2012)

This was our first time buying a house. Someone was personally recomended, but they were unable to help us. We decided to go online, and Erion was more than accommodating. He even answered our phone call on a Sunday. We answered a few questions, and he emailed us a website with homes in our price range in the location that we had chosen. He was very imformative and provided useful facts that every homebuyer should know. He involved the whole family including the kids. When it came to closing on the house, he came with us just in case we had any more questions or needed help. He kept in touch once we moved in and made us feel like if we ever needed him that he would be there. I felt like he was more than a realtor. Thank you for all your help. I would definitely recommend you for anybody who is interested in buying a home.

The Callejas Family (October 2009)

As a first time Home Buyer I was more than satisfied with the guidance and the assistance and the help that I got form Erion with the signature real estate. He was more than a realtor trying to help you find the home, he will help you from A to Z in the home buying process from finding the right home for you in the area that you choose to finding the right loan for you. He will work with your mortgage company to even finding a good contractor for you if you need repairs for you home. He is on your side 7 days a week all the way through the closing even after the closing to answer all your questions or concerns to make your house buying a smooth process. Your are definately not alone because you have an honest professional who knows what he is doing in the real estate businessto give you a peace of mind.‎

Yolande Rasolo (September 2009)

This was our first time buying a home. We were able to find Erion online and he was very willing to help us find the right home. He sent us many homes to review and took us to look on more then one occasion. Being a first time home buyer there were many questions I had about the overall process and Erion was very helpful in assissting with this. I feel that he was very efficient and always called to keep me updated on the status of the home loan. I would recommend his services to anyone I know looking to purchase a home.

Nathan and Stacy Kucharski (December 2009)

Second time we have used Erion and we could not be more satisfied. After we outgrew our first house, we needed to upgrade. Erion was there every step of the way and helped us find our dream home. Most agents talk a good talk, but this guy walks it. Thanks again Erion.

Michael and Melanie Brazzell (June 2012)

Erion helped us find exactly what we were looking for in a very short period of time. He is very knowledgeable person and provides a lot of information (which is exactly what you need when you are a first time buyer!) His website is AWESOME!!! much easier to use than most of the brand names that are out there. I would highly recommend Signature Real Estate to any of my friends and family.

Dennis Alzoubi (November 2012)

Just purchased a foreclosure apartment in Houston. If it were not for patience and motivation of this Team, I do not think that we would have made this purchase. Great efforts and diligence and integrity.

Antonio Raimundo (August 2007)

My fiance and I started looking for houses back in October, and we were truly blessed to stumble upon Erion Shehaj with Signature Real Estate. When we started looking for houses we had a very low budget and we were looking for foreclosed, fixer-uppers for our first home. Patiently, Erion took us from house to house over a series of 3 months. It was reassuring that Erion only showed us houses that were priced within our comfort zone. Quite a few times he brought us to GORGEOUS houses we thought we couldn’t afford, only to find out they were well within our budget. Ultimately, nothing really hit the spot for us, so Erion directed us to look at new homes. We looked at quite a few until we finally found one that had the size we were looking for, but still fit into our new and improved budget! Erion truly transformed the experience of looking. He was very honest with us every step of the way, he pointed out flaws/improvements that we never would have recognized, and he truly had our best interest at heart. I can’t believe we were able to find the one truly honest and caring realtor in Houston! To Erion, it wasn’t just about making a buck- it was about finding us a home where we can raise a family and begin our new life together. I have already recommended Erion to all my friends who are looking for a house, so get in line!

Jim and Liz Sanders (February 2012)

I am so glad we found Erion to help us in the process of buying our first house. House hunting and then purchasing can be very stressful, but Erion handled all of our never-ending questions in stride. He is extremely intelligent and knows this industry very well. I appreciated his knowledge and expertise and how well he worked with us. I also appreciated his confidence in helping us to negotiate with the sellers when we finally found the house we wanted.

I’m so grateful we had a guide to literally walk us through this process and show us the ins and outs of house-shopping and buying as we went through each step. You could tell he has a good heart too, he wasn’t just in it to benefit himself. Thank you, Erion! You were amazing. – Jayne Anne and Issa.

The Ammar Family (July 2011)

We just bought our first house in Houston with Erion and I must say he is a very knowledgeable Realtor. He is very helpful and has answers of every question . We would def want to have him as our Realtor for our next purchase.

Tazeen Khanzada (April 2010)

Let me tell you something about Signature Real Estate and Erion the owner. These guys are professionals, treat you with respect and make the transactions as smooth as possible. I have worked with them for a few years on buying and renting investment properties and never had any problems. Erion knowledge on Houston Real Estate is unsurpassed and he will have an answer for all your questions. Highly recommended them!

Egin Kuri (April 2011)

Erion is very knowledgeable about market trends and the process involved with buying a home, which is essential in today’s market. He was with me every step of the way, and I would strongly recommend him to anybody looking to buy a home!

Chris Reyes (June 2009)

This is the third time I have bought or sold a house with Erion. I will never use another agent. He is extremely professional and works at gettting you the best deal that is possible. He also has a good set resources, such contractors, Mortgage co, Insurance providers… etc. If you are an investor or even just a home buyer, these resources are priceless.

Russ Dawkins (August 2011)

Our homebuying experience with Signature was a complete delight. We were picky and looked at many homes. Erion never lost hope and encouraged almost daily. During the buying process, we referred to Erion as “our guy”! He was our mouthpiece, out negotiator, our advisor and our go-to-guy. If he did not have an immediate answer to our many questions, he always came back with an answer or solution the next time we met.

He is real, he is true and he has a great heart and lovely family. We so enjoyed working with him and recommend him to any one that will listen.

Brenda Phillips (November 2011)

I came across Signature real estate while surfing the net for a real estate agent. It€™s my first time of buying a house in Houston and so was not too familiar with the process of making a purchase. Erion was just wonderful in all the representation. Even when I could not be there to personally view the house I was negotiating, he worked as if the house was his and was relentless until I was able to close on the house. He understood my needs and provided very invaluable advice all the way up to closing and after the deal was done still went on to assist me in getting better deals for insurance. What really attracted me was that unlike other agents who where more eager to push agreement forms in your face after one look at a house, signing any form never came until we actually made an offer for a property. Will I use Signature Real Estate€ for any other purchases? Yes I definitely will; will I recommend Signature to a friend? I definitely will. If you are looking for a trust worthy real estate agent, think Erion. You won’€™t regret your decision.

Lawrence Oseghale (May 2011)