Increase the value of your Home DIY for cheap: Tip 2: Front Door Makeover

Refinishing Front Door DIY for Cheap

Refinish or update your front door. The process is about the same as what I did in my kitchen cabinets. What I did was a little different. My front door was perfect, but my wife wanted a different color. 

Facebook Marketplace, Offer up and other similar apps are great if you take my approach since we had never done this before and a brand new front door can be pretty expensive.

I found an old used solid wood front door with stained glass for $100. Sanded it down and my wife applied 2 to 3 coats of desired color, for this we used a Front Door paint from Amazon that we paid under $35, and for less than $150 we now have a beautiful door that pops out from others in the neighborhood. 

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These are some pictures of the process.

And these are some before and after pictures.



Like I said, this was more of a personal touch we wanted, but the process is the same. But don't get me wrong, a door like this will stand out in you street.

Ofcourse, if you want to be more consrvative, a neutral color or restain will do wonders to your front door, and this is recommended if you are looking to sell your home since not everyone is ready for a bold change. 

After all, this is the 1st thing buyers see and touch.

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