Price Reductions in North Houston Area

Price Reduction

Reduction in price of a listed home can greatly benefit you as a buyer. A listing may be competing against other homes in the neighborhood that may be similar in floor plan and square footage. The competition this creates favors the buyer in the negotiation stages. 

A seller may also lower a listed price if they start to feel pressure of the home staying on the market longer than it financially makes sense for them. This causes the seller to not be able to hold out for an unrealistic amount they were hoping for. This is another accommodation for a buyer.

We would like to help you take advantage of these situations that create a more reasonable negotiation for both parties. Obviously with our focus benefiting our buying clients of course! We are creating a list of homes that have had a recent price reduction and will continue to update the list frequently for you. Feel free to visit, follow and share this link to whoever you feel may benefit from it!

Recent Price Reductions

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